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Gastric mucous membrane is a tissue with gastric very small department, it is the main covering layer that we secrete gastric juice, if gastric mucous membrane appears damaged, cause gastric ulcer and gastric ministry infection very easily, should want to eat the food of mucous membrane of stomach of a few rehabilitate more so, and can be passed take the mucous membrane of methodological rehabilitate stomach of medical medicaments. OK in the life the food of repair stomach mucous membrane has hotpot and pumpkin, wild cabbage to wait feed capable person, the friend of damaged of proposal stomach mucous membrane is OK edible.

Mucous membrane of stomach of what food rehabilitate

The first, hotpot is the food of a kind of hot sex, now is in the winter, take the wedding day of hotpot just about, people has the word of a bit hotpot more in the life at ordinary times, with respect to the quantity of heat that can enhance human body, rise to resist thereby cold action, still have even if often eat a sheepFall in love with the sea to be opposite with the cityNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Fleshy word, can complement for the body one kind is digested enzymatic, can protect the gastric wall of people effectively, repair gastric mucous membrane, still can help milt undertake digestive, rise to fight consenescence thereby, repair stomach mucous membrane treats the action of the disease.

Mucous membrane of stomach of what food rehabilitate

The 2nd, pumpkin is a kind common, the food with appropriate economy, there is one to plant in pumpkin special pectic can the gastric mucous membrane of effective tutelar system, if people often has pumpkin, can form a covering layer in place of gastric ministry mucous membrane so, special the rehabilitate that is helpful for human body ulcer, so everybody means the word of mucous membrane of fast rehabilitate stomach at ordinary times, had better eat a bit pumpkin so, among themShanghai Long Feng forum

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The effect with evaporate pumpkin is optimal.

Mucous membrane of stomach of what food rehabilitate

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The 3rd, still one is plant can the food of mucous membrane of fast stomach of repair human body is wild cabbage, often take the word of wild cabbage, can resist not just the ulcer of a few mucous membrane of gastric ministry, mucous membrane of fast repair stomach ministry is organized, what and return can carry cell of people stomach ministry on certain level is active, reduce people to suffer from the odds of stomach trouble thereby, everybody can tell wild cabbage to extract juice to perhaps be moved into cold dish to undertake edible in the life at ordinary times.

As a whole, can the food of mucous membrane of ministry of fast rehabilitate stomach has a lot of, but a few kinds what have effect most is above, if everybody lives at ordinary times in if the stomach is not quite good, so OK often these food of edible above. Suggest everybody must drink a bit milk more at ordinary times additionally, also can remove mucous membrane of stomach of a rehabilitateA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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action, if have uncomfortable, must undertake for a short whileShanghai night net

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Check cure.

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