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In finish after the Caesarean operation, the item that needs an attention is very much, be in 6 hours after the operation for instance in should have a thing less as far as possible, cannot drink too much water especially, after spending 6 hours, can drink a few warm boiled water, such butA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Wriggle in order to promote intestines and stomach, in the very long period of time henceforth, want to notice nutrient complement, eat the food of blood of a few filling gas more for instance, the reasonable food and drink after Caesarean birth introduces below.

Is dig palace postpartum what to eat best?

Is dig palace postpartum what to eat best?

1, Caesarean birth the 1st day of food

Because operation anaesthetic concerns, after Caesarean birth art want inside 6 hours abstinence, the ability after exhaust has a thing.

If exhaust still is done not have after 6 hours, OK and proper a few more drinkable the Shang Shui of hurried exhaust, be like: Water of water of rice water, water in which noodles have been boiled, turnip, dried tangerine or orange peel.

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The feed after exhaust had better drink a bowl be good at lienal those who raise a stomach is small1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Rice congee.


Exhaust hind should eat Bai Luobo less, especially of the 2nd week hind enter during filling, because Bailuo predicts a gas, gas conflict fills in meeting and confinement.

Is dig palace postpartum what to eat best?

2, Caesarean birth the 2nd day of food

Caesarean birth the following day, treasure Mom enrages deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it, taste is frail, because the anaesthetic before art is affected, gastric bowel peristalsis is slower, digest absorb a function weaker, want to eat much food less so, eat fluidity of blood of some of be good at taste, filling gas, nutrition, digestible or semifluid soft sodden1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Also want to notice the food such as vitamin, mineral, prandial fiber is supplementary, in case nutriment lack and constipation.

Function of bowel of about 24 hours of stomaches after Caesarean birth art ability is recoverable, enrage to prevent gastric bowel path to bilge, inside 24 hours although exhaust, also want diet egg, milk, brown sugar, soya-bean milk to wait bilge gas food.

3, Caesarean birth the 3rd day of food

Caesarean birth the 3rd day, as the refreshment of gastric bowel function and peristalsis, solid food can transfer gradually by semifluid on food, food breed and food volume are added gradually much, but still should eat much food less.

4, Caesarean birth food of 4~7 season

After Caesarean birth the 4th day, treasure Mom is OK and normal food.

Can be a lot of people when worrying about natural labor, make not energetically, afraid natural labor too ache. Some of exercise had better be done more in pregnancy if pregnant woman wants natural labor, cooperate food at the same time, can make natural labor more relaxed. In pregnancy especially pregnant is terminal food is very crucial, eat to be able to have the certain effect that help strength to natural labor to food. So, where is natural labor of what food conduce?

Is dig palace postpartum what to eat best?

1, pappy pap

Moisture is used up in delivery process more, be in normally the first produce Cheng, the puerpera does not need too forcibly, can eat the pappy soft food with hydrous more cent, wait like congee of lotus root starch, noodle, rice. Enter the 2nd after producing Cheng, most puerpera does not wish to take food, can drink some of fruit juice or food boiling water to wait appropriately.

2, syrup

Enter the pregnant mammy that produces Cheng to often take food little, morpheus is poor, be in hunger or half hunger condition, make airframe metabolization produces change, when enter the 2nd produce Cheng, pregnant mammy is breathless forcibly, cause acuteness cost can, and brown sugar bases is sucrose, sucrose is entered energy can produce quickly inside body, brown sugar water still can complement humoral.

3, tall nutrition and tall caloric food

Food wants to be given priority to in order to measure little, rich, diversity, adopt the kind that has much food less to dine commonly, want to control the amount that eat appropriately, especially high protein, fast adipose food, if do not impose restriction right now, overmuch ground eats this kind of food, can make fetal had grown big, bring certain difficulty to childbirth.

Cholesterol is contained in adipose sex food the volume is higher, overmuch cholesterol is deposit in blood, can make sticky consistency of blood lifts quickly, plus the action of gravid toxin, make blood pressure elevatory also, still can appear badly hypertensive head is ill, wait like cerebral hemorrhage. Of food flavor appropriate is some more delicate, had eaten salty food less, everyday the saline quantity in food should be controlled it is under 7 grams, a large number of unfavorable watering.

4, the food of stimulative childbirth

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After producing level, a few food that can promote delivery can be chosen on food, this labors to promoting, shorten produce Cheng, decrease produce painful have positive effect, the food of this respect has: Yoghurt, milk, honey, banana.

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