” full-scale war: Battle hammer 2 ” new DLC ” prophet and magician ” had gone up in Steam official put on sale. This DLC added two newly to come from the legend feudal lord in world of Zhan Chuiji unreal, and the mind that every feudal lord has him implement the task, mechanism, army and game play a way. It is reported, this DLC ” prophet and magician ” will around special the intense struggle between Henghuoyin and person of Si Kawen rat and develop the plot of a play. The player is OK amuse oneself Shikuli is clannish (person of Si Kawen rat) or all alone carries dagger denomination (lizard person) , experience respective and factional distinctive battle. In addition, the Shikuli that the player still can see power is mighty in game is clannish doomsday rocket, can see the elite unit with lock, recruit and brand-new deploy, increase new manpower resources and actual strength to fight. Be worth what carry is, this the two legend feudal lord of DLC has respective mind implement task catenary, god implement and skill tree, the player can undertake reasonable applying to this, set the battle pattern that fits oneself most thereby.
” full-scale war: Battle hammer 2 ” new DLC ” prophet and magician ” already put on sale, price 39 yuan. Interested player can buy an experience.

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