Horror lived recently game ” forest ” greet replace 1.1 edition freely, joined 2 kinds brand-new an eccentric person of be astonished person and numerous new element, look together! New crossed crossbow weapon and glide wing were added in new version, make a battle more rich, still joined 8 whole new structures that can build. On detail, illumination of the apply colours to a drawing that optimized underwater, grain, shadow, joined cubage cloud algorithm, make a picture more true and natural. Besides the building also can be destroyed, the player can have repair to the building. ” forest ” it is game of horror of the first person, steam was landed to experience first in May 2014, official on April 30, 2018 put on sale, PS4 edition is on November 6 put on sale. ” forest ” made animated, climate is changeful, vegetation trends grows withered, the forest with subterranean daedal burrow, await player exploration. The player must chop a tree to make camping ground, make a fire warm oneself, gather food, still can plant crop even. The player is OK conceal track avoids the enemy, also can make a weapon with block and wooden club, be at war with enemy front.

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