Goddess, late night, accompany play, sheet is to speak these a few words, the player with rich imagination is likely already the head fills went out countless sweet colourful story. Accompany at present play a trade more general, in the pass away the sham as the genuine in this industry, somebody is hitting game to accompany the cover that play to meet to be taken off, somebody just is accompanied purely play game not to have special service.

The exposure on the net the one game below Zhang Xian is accompanied play tariff, characteristic of the service on the watch is writing: Do not collide the body is contacted, plump and sexy figure is carried high, 2500 packets of days can have a detailed discussion.

Reporter the identity with game player, accompany through some game played website controller to give a clue about downstream play is accompanied play the girl. Chief accompanies the message that play and price with reporter introduction in the phone, make clear should agree to give money to have special service only.

After meeting, this is accompanied play the girl and did not put forward to go immediately the Internet bar plays game, however dehisce is accompanied with respect to what ask to pay 3000 yuan first enjoy cost. This accompanies those who play the girl to not be willing to speak 3000 yuan from beginning to end enjoy a service, what is what point to after all, but under was forced to end to meet this.

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