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Potato and tomato are very common feed capable person, the price is very cheap, but what contain nutrition very rich, for instance tomato contains rich carotene, vitamin C, protein, prandial fiber and a variety of microelement, it is very healthy food so, the potato tomato that recommends today stews chop this soup is very delicate at the same time nutrient value very tall.

How does the potato tomato chop that stew make gift delicious?

One, the practice of the potato tomato chop that stew

Place needs to feed capable person

Advocate makings: Common tomato 4 or ketchup chop 500 overcome 3 potato (medium figure)

Burden: Butter or salt of lardy Jiang Pian, flavourForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area
Essence of life or clear water of gallinaceous essence pink

The method that make

1. washs tomato and potato clean first, tomato cuts chunk account, potato flay is cut thick piece or piece reserve;

Chop scald is put after 2. burns one boiler water to leave, wait for water to be in water of super-cooling of the fish out after leaving reserve;

Put in 3. boiler right amount butter or lardy, change switch small fire to be put into Jiang Pian to mix tomato piece explodes sweet enter clear water, chop is put to be burned after soup is burned, convert slow fire Bao stews 30 minutes, it is OK to wait for chop to be gnawed so that move put potato piece, salt, gourmet powder or gallinaceous essence pink continue slow fire Bao stews 15 minutes, 15 minutesA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Zhong Houkai lid samples whether to thoroughly cook tomato patch, if potato became ripe,can enjoy from fire delicate, if do not have ripe continue with respect to need stew is boiled thoroughly cook till potato.

How does the potato tomato chop that stew make gift delicious?

2, the practice of soup of tomato potato chop

Abluent chop becomes 1. chop small, very light blue is cut long paragraph, ginger section, stripping and slicing of flay of tomato stripping and slicing, potato

2. fries boiler to put a few oil, explode sweet green ginger. , put tomato, potato1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai
Add slightly mix fry close fire reserves

3. has pot additionally, clear water is put inside boiler, put chop, after conflagration is boiled, cast aside go float foam, after water clears, small fire stews 30 minutes

After 4. joins the tomato that has fried to be boiled afresh tomato patch small fire Bao is controlled 30 minutes

5. puts touch salt and pepperyShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Pink flavors can.

How does the potato tomato chop that stew make gift delicious?

3, tomato potato is stewedShanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
The practice measure of chop

1, advocate makings

2, the boiler below chop cold water, put a few ginger, the fish out after be being boiled a little while again after water of the haemorrhage that boil accuses work

3, the size that tomato and potato cut him to like

4, ginger garlic section, dry chili cuts paragraphs small

5, right amount oil is entered in boiler, after burning heat, explode sweet ginger garlic, dry chili

6, put into chop to mix fry

7, fry to chop slightly brown drench unripe smoke, often smoke, cooking wine, fry give sweet smell

8, put potato piece breaks up fry

9, add enters right amount water, add a bit white sugar, big baked wheaten cake leaves, small fire is stewed slow one hour

10, tomato is put after a hour, leave conflagration receives juice

11, it is OK to be scattered into chopped green onion

Xiao doohickey

Potato is easy ripe, can cut chunk a few, perhaps cook chop boil in a covered pot over a slow fire halfForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Potato is put to continue again after the hour stew boils half hours to also go.

Use kitchen utensils and appliances: Fry pan.

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